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We Are HandyLinx

HandyLinx offers an unparalleled marketplace—HandyLinx.com—designed to connect consumers to local solutions for home, health and professional service providers. As quickly as possible.

In a convoluted digital world, it’s more challenging than ever to cut through the online noise to find a trusted information source. A typical search can provide a user with solutions but, in most cases, a direct result from an inquiry will only show a handful of relevant results at a time.

HandyLinx.com allows a business to easily showcase local solutions, giving users more options in a single online destination when deciding on a provider. If you have a product or service related to home, health or professional services people deserve to know about it. And we make sure that your target audience takes notice—and takes action.

HandyLinx Sales Team

Our Team

Jeff Dyer

Principal, President

Shawn Fish

Principal, CTO

Dan Winders


Matt Whitman


Jon Goodwin

Director of Sales

Susan Bowman

Office Manager

Carol Anne Scarlett
Carol Anne Scarlett

Digital Sales Specialist

Morgan Ball
Morgan Ball

Social & Search Manager

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Additional Marketing Services

HandyLinx offers you the exclusive services of Leadline Marketing, to give even the smallest business an elite appearance. Leadline listens to your needs, understands your goals and creates your online presence, as well as a strategy for growth. All focused on measurable outcomes.