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Learn how to rent a dumpster for your junk removal project. DumpStor of Chattanooga is proud to service:


20 Yard Open Top

The 20yd Open Top is a great option for debris removal needs for construction projects large and small. This 20 yard dumpster fits in a standard parking spot.

12 Yard Open Top

The 12 YD Open Top is a great option for debris removal needs on smaller scale commercial and residential projects. The 12 YD dumpster fits in a standard parking spot.

Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Elevate your business operations with DumpStor of Chattanooga ‘s efficient commercial dumpster rentals Chattanooga . Whether you’re managing a construction project, undergoing an office renovation, or tackling a comprehensive cleanout, we’re dedicated to streamlining your waste disposal. Our straightforward rental process and expertly designed dumpsters provide a straightforward solution, even for the most challenging tasks.

Residential Dumpster Rentals

Discover the full extent of your DIY capabilities with DumpStor of Chattanooga ‘s effortless residential dumpster rentals Chattanooga . Whether you’re diving into a home makeover or preparing for a significant move, we have the perfect solution for you. Our convenient open-top and enclosed dumpsters provide a hassle-free answer to your waste disposal needs, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

The DumpStor Difference

DumpStor of Chattanooga is a dumpster rental company with an innovative, unique edge, hitting the sweet spot with our efficiently sized Open Top and Enclosed Dumpsters.

Additionally, our enclosed dumpsters offer many benefits including adhering to EPA rainwater pollution requirements, keeping debris contained in inclement weather and limiting unwanted dumping.

We focus on providing simple and effective solutions for our customers by taking into consideration the protection and value of their tools, the protection of the driveway, and the restricted space each TN site may have. Our Product line-up gives every Chattanooga contractor, homeowner, and commercial or industrial customer the convenience of supporting all their storage and dumpster rental needs.

Meet Our Local Team

DumpStor of Chattanooga is excited to be servicing the dumpster rental markets of Chattanooga, Cleveland TN, Red Bank, Middle Valley, Soddy-Daisy, Harrison, East Brainerd, Collegedale, and more! The Chattanooga team, led by Mike and Jordan Guidry is proud to offer the DumpStor products for all your dumpster rental needs.



Services / Products

Services / Products
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What is a roll-off dumpster?

A dumpster is a great way to dispose of large quantities of trash, demolition material and home cleanout items.

What size dumpsters do you offer?

What size dumpsters do you offer?
DumpStor locations feature our standard 12 Yard Open Top and 20 Yard Open Top dumpsters:
12 Yard Open Top Dumpster
Perfect for smaller scale debris removal projects.
20 Yard Open Top Dumpster
Great for projects large and small. Fits in a standard parking space.
Select Locations may also offer a variety of dumpster sizes including:

20 Yard Enclosed Dumpster
Limit unwanted dumping and keep debris contained in inclement weather.
The DumpStor Pro
Our innovative patent pending dumpster that offers both storage and dumpster capabilities.
*Please check dumpster availability at your local DumpStor location.

Can we place dumpsters on the street?

Each municipality has different regulations and permit requirements concerning dumpsters placed on private property, streets or other public right of way. Contact your local munipality and they will provide you with any regulations and the information to obtaining permits. DumpStor does not provide or obtain permits required.

What additional fees are there?

We include weight and initial rental period days in our base pricing. Frequently, you will fall under those categories with no additional fees. If you exceed either the included weight or rental days, we will charge a pro-ratable weight fee for the overage and a daily rental for each day over the initial rental period. We also have fees for certain materials, which may include mattresses, tires and appliances.

Will the dumpster damage my property?

We take every precaution to prevent causing any damage. We utilize lighter, driveway friendly trucks and we place pads underneath the dumpster rollers when placed on asphalt or concrete. DumpStor is not responsible for any damage caused by regular operation of dumpster delivery or pickup.

Where can I place the dumpster rental?

We will only place dumpsters on flat surfaces and on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or gravel. We will not drive on lawns or soft areas to place a dumpster. We also cannot place a dumpster where the truck has to lift a dumpster underneath powerlines or other obstructions such as large tree branches.

Can I keep the dumpster for longer than the initial rental period?

Yes, you can keep the dumpster for as long as you need. After the initial rental period, there is a daily rental fee. Please schedule a pickup when you are done with the dumpster, as we will not pick up the dumpster until a pickup is requested.

What material is not allowed in the dumpsters?

We accept most household clean out and construction project materials. We do not accept any kind of paints, liquids, dirt, concrete or hazardous materials. We can not accept propane tanks, batteries or gas tanks. Several items we accept but may require additional charges, such as tires, mattresses and appliances.

How does the dumpster rental process work?

It’s very easy – You can call, text or email with us to discuss dumpster options and pricing. Once you pick the option that works for you, just inform us of the date, address and dumpster placement location you’d like. After that, we will process the payment and reserve your spot on the dumpster delivery schedule.

How full can I fill the dumpsters?

We ask that the dumpsters not be filled above the top of the brim. We cannot have material sticking above, to ensure safe and legal transportation of debris. If debris is above the top of the dumpster, we may inform you that we cannot transport the debris, at which case we would need to unload debris or place debris in another dumpster rental.


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