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The Patio Leash offers unrivaled flexibility. Adapt the leashes to match your patio's layout and furniture arrangement. Enjoy the freedom of moving your furniture when desired, while keeping it securely tethered during windy conditions.

 Designed to keep your furniture from flying away. 

About Us

My name is Bobby Shaffer, owner and founder of Patio Leash. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer and Military Veteran. I am married to Christie Shaffer, elementary School Teacher and inventor of Patio Leash!

Christie invented the product out of support for me. Christie grew tired of watching me strap and bungie the table and chairs in prevention of storms and high winds. Each time was such a chore, and when we wanted to sit in our outdoor furniture we had to undo the whole process

We had chairs blow off our patio deck, our pool deck, and the last straw was chairs blowing off our dock into the lake! Christie thought there just had to be a better way, and thus the Patio Leash was born! We found that there is no other product like this in the world, so we got to work!

We are very confident that if you have any wind issues, and you've experienced chairs blowing away from your table, then you will be highly satisfied with the ease of installation and operation of this product. You will rely on this product for years to come, knowing it will perform as stated!

Services / Products

Services / Products
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Will the Patio Leash fit my umbrella pole?

The Patio Leash fits umbrella poles ranging in diameter from 1 1/2” to 2 1/8” and up to 3" with spacers removed!

What is needed to set up the Patio Leash?

All you need is an umbrella pole with weighted base, and the chairs you want to keep secure!

How does the Patio Leash attach to my umbrella pole?

Simply insert the umbrella into your table, placing the Patio Leash below the table. Make sure the umbrella pole is lined up to correctly go through the center of both the table and the Patio Leash. Guide the pole to your weighted umbrella pole base and tighten to secure. Then, place the Patio Leash at the desired height and securely tighten the metal thumbscrew.

How does it attach to my chairs?

Pull one of the 6 retractable tethers out, and use the hook at the end of the leash to secure your chair. You may either hook it directly into the chair, or wrap it around and hook it back onto the tether.



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